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Seashells of South-East Australia

Patty Jansen

The first colour book ever written on the shells of South-East Australia, this book is a field guide for beachcombers, students of all ages, divers or anyone else interested in shells and their inhabitants.

There are 47 colour plates, picturing 414 species, and colour photographs of live animals and habitats scattered throughout the book. The text faces the plates to enable easy identification. Each shell in the colour plates was photographed and scanned individually, to ensure that all species on a plate would be pictured in the best possible way.

The book covers more than 90% of the shells over 10mm that can be found in shallow water or on beaches from northern New South Wales to western Victoria, and Tasmania. Many of these species also occur in south Queensland and range to the west to southern Western Australia. The complete distribution range of each species is given, including distributions outside Australia. All names and distributions have been checked against available literature and the extensive collection at the Australian Museum.

Educated as agricultural scientist, the author has studied shells for many years. She has written two previous books and many articles about Australian shells. She is also actively involved with the Malacological Society of Australasia and a volunteer at the Australian Museum.

Bibliographic information:

Seashells of South-East Australia

Patty Jansen

February 2000 ISBN 0 9577455 0 8

118 + 10p.

full colour, with 47 colour plates and scattered photographs of live shells

soft cover

RRP A$29.95!

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